Fantasia's "Behind The Music" episode premiered on VH1 Tuesday night. The episode was already in the can but VH1 re-interviewed Fantasia after her suicide attempt.

Fantasia Barrino is certainly a survivor and now she’s faced with discussing her current trials and tribulations as she returns to the music world to promote her new album, ‘Back To Me.’ The question remains: Is Fantasia returning to the limelight too soon? Just two weeks ago, the ‘American Idol’ winner attempted suicide and overdosed […]

It’s easy to look down on somebody. Especially when you’ve been reading the Bible for a few months, and know how to shoo away a few problems using the Word. It’s easy to look at someone’s bad situation and conclude, “well, that’s what they get.” Fantasia is the current punching bag of the internet. The […]

*Update* FROM CNN: Fantasia Barrino overdosed on “aspirin and a sleep aid” Monday night, but her injuries are not life-threatening, her manager said. The overdose came the same day she read a court complaint from a woman who alleged that Barrino carried on a year-long affair with her husband, according to manager Brian Dickens. “Fantasia […]

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