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I was watching and enjoying Celebration Of Gospel last Sunday on B.E.T.  I love live gospel sangin’!s  The 10 year anniversary of Celebration Of Gospel did not lack some good sangin’.  I want to give a special shout out to two people I’ve worked with in the past who have made the show beyond phenomenal:  Tony McCuin (Director) and Joyce Coleman (Talent Producer).  Like I said the sangin’ was beyond “off the hook.”  I love gospel music.  I play it to feed my spirit and get my day going.  I grew up on it.  My mom used to sing in a small group back in the day.

I just have one little bitty problem with some of the artists….WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE THEY WEARING??????  Okay sorry for shouting, but I had to get that off of my chest.  Some have said that gospel artists push the envelope and are dressed way too secular.  Others have said that gospel artists need to catch up with the times and dress a little more “hip” (for lack of a better term).  What do you think?  I remember when I was growing up my mom would drag us to local gospel concerts and tent revivals all over town.  All of these incredible gospel groups would perform and I remember the women in particular would literally be clothed from head to toe.  Showing your knees was a no no!  The men always wore three piece suits.  Burgandy seemed to be the color of that era.

It’s all so different now.  I enjoyed Fantasia and her mom hollering…ur…singing together last night.  I really did.  But I just kept noticing how short both of their dresses were.  At one point ‘Tasia kicked her leg up and I thought the entire front row probably got a good look at all of her business.  I’m not saying that gospel artists should be covered like the women of the Taliban.  But I am asking the question:  Do you all believe gospel artists have gone too far?  Do you feel the artists have crossed over so much that the line between gospel and secular is completely blurred?  I know that you all will be honest as you always are.

For some of the artists who did cover up, some of them were down right comical.  I may get into trouble for this but was CeCe Winans wearing a somewhat glamorous “snuggie”?  Can someone please explain Donald Lawrence’s suit to me?  Like was he trying to portray The Garden of Eden with that suit?  I love that brother’s ministering music.  But that suit was a hot mess.  And who is the worship leader for City Of Refuge choir?  Those pants were so tight I could see his future children. I’m just sayin’.

I know that Dr. Bobby Jones was making a statement with his “beggar’s” costume before he changed into his traditional glittery one, but who was the Jetson singing with him?  Did we get invaded with gospel aliens and their spaceship landed at Celebration Of Gospel?    Kelly Price and Ledisi blew me away with their rendition of  “How Great Thou Art”…but I will be lying if I say I wasn’t distracted by Ledisi’s hair.  It looked like “ground beef,” according to one of my Facebook friends.

On a serious note, the tribute to Steve Harvey was absolutely awesome.  Marvin Sapp wore me out with “He Saw The Best In Me”.  Folks have a lot to say about Steve Harvey.  I appreciate that the brother isn’t afraid to cry and be transparent with his struggles.  If only more of us were that honest.  Chile Please!

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