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Honesty, a sense of humor, a 401K, nice teeth and no felonies top the TikToker's must-have list.

Our favorite Hollywood fashion heavy hitters gathered in Beverly Hills for the 6th American Black Film Festival Honors, and they did not disappoint.

Our water intake has increased drastically since Kelly Rowland's "Mea Culpa" premiered on Netflix. If you've watched the film - and seen its leading man - then you know why.

In an exclusive interview, the former Essence Editor-in-Chief talks mentorship, pouring into herself, and reveals her highest calling.

Yes, Ci Ci looks fabulous in her vacation shots. She always does. But it is her natural glow, beautiful melanin, and empowering caption that speaks to our soul. Amid social media images of the snap back game, perfect bodies, and BBLs, Ciara emerges with a simple message we can all learn from and be encouraged by. All bodies are beautiful in every stage of life.

"You’re seeing very clearly now that our stories are less of a priority," Issa Rae said in an interview with 'PORTER'.

Serena Williams is easing back into her fitness routine just five months after giving birth to her second daughter.

The 2024 Academy Awards Nominations have just hit the airwaves, and some of our favorites are in line to win the coveted golden statue.

"God is working overtime you hear me! My kidneys were doing terrible…doctors came in this AM and said they are improving so much," Cori Broadus wrote on her Instagram Stories Jan. 21.