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Dear Ash Cash, Why should you save money and secondly How can you save money? The answer to Why should you save money is very simple… Think about the future! Those who fail to plan also plan to fail. Saving money is important so that you can be prepared for any of the emergencies and […]

I have to remind myself that I am pressing on towards all that I know God has promised me. Even though some days are hard I know that I will survive. Each day has its set of challenges; I view them as hidden opportunities, because through it all, if nothing else, I feel/see personal growth/development […]

From Praise Charlotte Blogger, Monica Woods: God whispers. God roars. He speaks directly. He speaks indirectly. Even when it seems like He isn’t saying anything; it’s in His silence that much is said. What we must do is make sure we are in tune with Him at all times, so we will understand Him regardless […]

I think that God wants us to use ours homes as a place of peace, study, reflection, family and love. It is a place to recharge and ponder the Word of God.

It’s easy to look down on somebody. Especially when you’ve been reading the Bible for a few months, and know how to shoo away a few problems using the Word. It’s easy to look at someone’s bad situation and conclude, “well, that’s what they get.” Fantasia is the current punching bag of the internet. The […]

Via The Chosen Chick! Well ladies, today I am going to give you the secret of all secrets on how to be the woman that every good man desires! Ready for it?

CARROLLTON, Ga. (BP)– More than 1 million people gathered in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. And, while the crowds were obviously down compared to pre-Katrina days, party sponsors saw record post-Katrina numbers in

Wearing a cross necklace doesn’t make you a good Christian either… By The Chosen Chick: Since I’ve started this new, wonderful relationship with God, I have noticed that people are trying to prove to me that they know God too! It’s kind of weird, because there are people who have misquoted the Bible in front […]

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