She watches over the ways of her household,

And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

I’ve been a homeowner for four years. And I am finally getting over my renter’s mindset. I have been treating my house like an apartment. I haven’t given much thought to decorating. The white walls do nothing to reflect my personality. Everything is a neutral shade of brown, as if I don’t have the permission to explore other colors. Organization is minimal. I am living as if I am going to be moving out soon, as if this house isn’t really mine. When will I take the time and effort to make this house my home!?

My house needs to reflect my personality and be a safe haven for me to be myself. My house must include colors, patterns, original artwork and be a peaceful and restful space. I have realized that this is a spiritual need, and not just me wanting to redecorate. At the end of a stressful day, I need a place that fully soothes me inside and out. I think that God wants us to use ours homes as a place of peace, study, reflection, family and love. It is a place to recharge and ponder the Word of God.

Women used to go to college to learn about homemaking. Women would learn the art of having and raising children, home financing, cooking, cleaning, light home repairs and decorating. All of this was to ensure that the family was comfortable and secure in the house in which they dwell. These homemaking skills, I am learning, are much more than just cooking and cleaning. It is preparing a special, intimate place of rest and peace for yourselves and the ones you love. All of your favorite things should be at your home, so that you do not want for anything. This includes food, clothing, hobbies and interests. Whatever is offensive in your home you should immediately cast out. Your home is often the first and last place you talk to God everyday. You should feel comfortable to talk to Him in a manner that ushers Him in. Your home is where you pray and teach your family to pray. If you like to yell, you should be comfortable to yell. If you like to cry, you should feel comfortable too. No one should feel embarrassed, afraid or unable to express themselves in their home.

In this day and age, women are working out of the home so much that the skill and desire to be a homemaker is not only old fashioned, but deemed as sexist. A woman who wants to make a career of managing her home is seen as unenlightened, old school and unmotivated. When women are taking over the world, why would a woman want to stay in the house all day, watching soap operas when she could be doing so much more? As a career woman, I know that I have made many accomplishments in the working world, but my home life is lagging. I go to work as a success and come home to a home that is not a reflection of me.

Titus 2:5 says that as women we are to be taught how “to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.” How does a modern woman interpret that charge? Is being a good homemaker even on the radar of today’s woman? Not just decorating and cooking, but creating a place that stimulates the mind, soul, body and spirit?

My spiritual goals for the next month is to make my house into a home. I want a personal and peaceful place that I can consult with God and the people closest to me. I want a place that recharges me and helps me to be a better person at work, church and to my friends and family. I need private, intimate times alone so that I cast away my worries and realign myself with my purpose. I want to create a place that is peaceful, serene, creative and me.

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