From Praise Charlotte Blogger, Monica Woods:

God whispers. God roars. He speaks directly. He speaks indirectly. Even when it seems like He isn’t saying anything; it’s in His silence that much is said. What we must do is make sure we are in tune with Him at all times, so we will understand Him regardless of the form of communication He chooses to use in a particular moment. And, then act in agreement with what He says and when He says it.

How do we ensure we are getting a clear signal? What do we have to do to make sure we are confident in knowing it is His voice we are hearing? How do we go about sharpening our discerning spirit? These are great questions. The answer is through daily, deliberate and dedicated devotional time with Him. It can be in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, but it must happen. And, it must be sincere.

For God to speak to us we must first recognize His voice and He must see that we desire to hear His voice. When Eli told Samuel that it was actually the Lord calling him, on the fourth attempt Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” (I Samuel 3:10). We have to calm down the external and internal chatter, confusion and distraction. We must get to a place of total spiritual, mental and emotional surrender in order for us to first recognize His voice above all others and then clearly hear what God has to say to us.

I don’t know about you, sometimes, even though I have heard from God my actions contradict my agreement with God. And, it is often done out of my impatience, fear and frustration revealing my spiritual immaturity and showing God that I am not ready for what He has next. A perfect Biblical example/lesson learned moment is when Moses struck the rock when God said to speak to it, preventing him from entering into the Promise Land; after being obedient for over 40 years. He did it out of the frustration he felt from constantly seeing and hearing the wavering, flip/flop faith displayed by the Israelites (Numbers 20).

See learned lessons don’t always have to be from first-hand experience. We can be a witness to someone else’s mistake to learn the lesson. The Bible is full of such examples where God whispered or roared. And, Moses, Sarah & Abraham and others show us what happens when frustration, impatience and disobedience take the place of faith, trust and obedience. Because of their testimony, we CAN stand strong underneath the challenges, delays and detours; because we already know the outcome…God keeps His promises…ALWAYS!

I have now come to a place where God is whispering to me and roaring at me that it is time to go to the next level in my faith walk. And, Moses’ mistake is a reminder of what not to do, so I might enter my Promise Land here on earth.

So, I walk in faith and live in love. Watching and waiting with great anticipation not allowing my current circumstance to distract me from recognizing God’s voice, hearing God’s promise and getting prepared to walk in the manifestation of the promise.

Be blessed and be a blessing, Mo Wood

Who is Mo Wood?

Who is Monica Wood aka Mo Wood? This is a loaded question. Monica Wood is one who faith walks even when she doesn’t want to…or at least that is what I am told. Through trial and error I have made some mistakes – not many are visible – but all have left scars and traumatic war wombs. It is through the scars that I have learned what kind of faith I have and what kind of God I serve as I walk by faith, not by sight. And, for close to 4 years now I have been led to share some of my scars during a season of “transparency” in the form of daily or weekly or even monthly devotionals.

God consistently speaks to me through daily devotionals, mainly Joel Osteen’s, but others as well. And, almost guaranteed, the devotional for the day addresses what I went through the day before. God answers my prayer, sheds light on my experience, and/or provides a peace to endure with each one. In turn, I become inspired to provide a personal pretext to the devotional and share with those He lays on my heart to share through email.

Over the years, I have received unsolicited feedback with surprising testimonials that were sparked by my transparent messages. All remarks and reactions have been a blessing and encouragement. However, I am led to type and send because I like to write out where I am and how God is working in it as I continue to walk in my season of transparency. I will continue to write, when led to, in order to continue my personal conversation with the one who blesses me with life each day. And, if through my “Mo|Moments” I bless someone, praise God!