Erica Campbell spoke about her grandmother, who passed away and faced very rough times in her life.

Erica Campbell gears up to put out new music, her husband, Warryn Campbell shares a surprise with her. Warryn shares that he would like to do a duet with his wife but Erica wants to know will her husband perform with her. RELATED: Erica Campbell Gets A Chance To Produce For Her Husband Warryn! [VIDEO] Erica […]

Erica Campbell is talking all about spending time with young people.

Erica Campbell had a very busy weekend as she attended the Essence Music Festival.

“We’re The Campbells” ended with Erica Campbell and Warryn Campbell having dinner and talking about how she felt at the Stellar Awards.

Erica Campbell spoke about how a lot of people dream that they want to be famous.

Erica Campbell spoke about how sometimes you don’t need certain people in your life.

Erica Campbell talked about how God orders our steps.

Erica Campbell for the most part is always optimistic and positive.

It’s testing season and God wants to make sure you’re prepared.