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"I thought it was a mistake," Bozeman says of his doctor telling him he had cancer.

One half of the legendary Mann duo with her husband David, Tamela's brand new album Overcomer is out now and she chats with her old friend AV for an episode of Behind The Blessing.

Robert Jackson's 8th Annual Stand Up Conference takes place on Friday, July 23.

The gospel star details his dream gospel basketball lineup, the spotlight swinging to him in regards to music, his emerging acting career with BET's 'Favorite Son,' and more!

The IMpowered Voices Unity Concert takes place on June 8 at 7 p.m. on Facebook and YouTube featuring Robyn Troup, Ahi Ajayan, Arshenoor Ankleshwaria, Dee Dee Dochen and Vicki Merwin, and International Voices Houston.

The gospel singer/preacher recently released his "Sick World" single with Zaytoven in February.

The gospel legend taps in with AV from the Houston BMW Studios to break down his Verzuz with Kirk Franklin, how George Floyd changed their entire dynamic, battling COVID, his new show and more.

The gospel star details his fun back and forth with the comedian, his new label and more!

God and family are major testaments to the Mann’s. From success to blessings and more, David and Tamela Mann can speak to the power of faith, fighting for one another in love and Christ and more. The Mann’s chat with AV for his Faith & Fame segment, discussing how they got their start in music […]

Maurette Brown Clark sits down with Baltimore gospel singer Will McMillan to talk about his new album "My Story" to be released July 20, 2018, plus his new single "Best Thing" and being signed to eOne Nashville.