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The news of the discovery comes after it was reported the Houston Police Department has yet to close the now seven-year-old case in regards to the missing $600,000.

The accomplished gospel singer was also an actor, starring in numerous stage plays and the 1988 film 'Colors.'

We're keeping an eye on the Greater Houston area to track the number of new COVID-19 cases daily.

"I thought it was a mistake," Bozeman says of his doctor telling him he had cancer.

Cho Yong-gi had been hospitalized since June 2020 after suffering a fall and passed away Sunday (September 12) after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Williams and The Spiritual QC's were a gospel mainstay in the South, eventually being awarded the key of the city to Tupelo, Mississippi upon Williams' retirement.

Robert Jackson's 8th Annual Stand Up Conference takes place on Friday, July 23.

We're giving you answers to life's problems that aren't solved in the classroom!

The gospel star details his dream gospel basketball lineup, the spotlight swinging to him in regards to music, his emerging acting career with BET's 'Favorite Son,' and more!

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