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By Dan Delzell


When you were born, you already had the God-given inclinations to be a successful husband or a successful wife. God’s design for marriage was ingrained in you. It was in your DNA before you could even speak a word. Unfortunately, you were also born with some “messed-up” desires, and so was I. Marriage seems tougher today than perhaps ever before, and man’s sin is what messes up marital harmony. Sin messes with our mind….and with our choices….and with our everyday interactions with our spouse. But God will help anyone who looks to Him for healing of the heart….and for wisdom in marriage.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you today with your marriage? The problems that develop within marriage are never the result of God’s design, but only because of our choices and our unwillingness to apply basic dating etiquette in our relationship with our spouse.

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