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  By Dan Delzell via:christianpost   Jesus won’t mean much to you until you are able to speak about Him in a personal way. It’s one thing to say, “This is Easter weekend.” It’s another thing altogether to say, “Jesus died for me, and rose again for my eternal salvation.” So are Good Friday and […]

  By Dan Delzell   via:christianpost   We live on a planet filled with storms. Some of them are huge….like Hurricane Sandy. Others weather patterns are rather small and cause little havoc.  There are storms in our personal lives as well. Some of them tend to be crushing, while others come and go without incident. […]

By Dan Delzell via:christianpost When you were born, you already had the God-given inclinations to be a successful husband or a successful wife. God’s design for marriage was ingrained in you. It was in your DNA before you could even speak a word. Unfortunately, you were also born with some “messed-up” desires, and so was […]

  By Dan Delzell   via:christianpost   Could it really be that simple? Are the words “Save Me Jesus” enough to connect you to God and save your soul for eternity? Yes and no. “Yes”….if you mean it….and keep living everyday with that attitude….one of humility before God and a living relationship with the Lord. […]

By Dan Delzell via:christianpost With all that you probably have going on in your life right now, why in the world should you give a hoot about whether or not your name is in heaven’s reservation book? Well….for one thing….every breath you take is given to you by Almighty God. When He decides to “turn […]

  By Dan Delzell   via:christianpost   So you got saved. Welcome to the family. But now what? Before you are tempted to go out and try to imitate other Christians who are living a good life, I have a better idea for you to consider. Forget “imitation.” Think “impartation.” Think filling. Think fullness.  The […]

  By Dan Delzell   via:christianpost   OK….so you have been burned in church, or in marriage. Who hasn’t been? I mean at least in some significant way. All of us who have been in churches for decades, or married for decades….or even just for a handful of years….we all have a testimony….and I don’t […]

By: Dan Delzell So what exactly is a Christian? Is it a person who believes certain things? Or maybe a person who does certain things? Or is it perhaps a person who experiences certain things? Yes. Bingo. That is correct….on all counts. All three of those characteristics describe what it means to be a Christian. […]

  By Dan Delzell   via:christianpost Anyone can be converted to Christianity….even you. If you have already been converted through faith in Christ, then you are thankful for it. That spirit of thankfulness is part of the proof that you have truly been converted. If you have not yet been converted, you have no idea […]

  By  Dan Delzell via:christianpost   If you are a Christian who prefers to stick with definitions which are found in the Bible when explaining your faith to others, try doing this sometime. Ask the spiritual leader at your church, “Is it fine if I never use our denominational label, but instead only identify myself as […]