In today’s Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about feeling empathy for a person that people might say bad things about. For instance, she cites situations where a person might meet a person and vibe well with them until they hear a bunch of other negative people saying things about that person. She reads several scriptures that […]

By Dan Delzell via:christianpost When you were born, you already had the God-given inclinations to be a successful husband or a successful wife. God’s design for marriage was ingrained in you. It was in your DNA before you could even speak a word. Unfortunately, you were also born with some “messed-up” desires, and so was […]

  By: Paul Tripp via:christianpost     You are always preaching some kind of gospel to yourself. Every day you preach to yourself a gospel of your loneliness, inability, and lack of resources or you faithfully preach to yourself the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The gospel you preach to yourself will have an […]

  By Paul Tripp via:christianpost He sat in my office exhausted and discouraged. No, he wasn’t about to abandon the ministry to which he’d been called. In many ways he lived with a deep sense of privilege. He had been chosen and gifted to be a minister of the gospel, but he was tired, and […]

This morning I pondered the debate about complaining. Some people feel they have to get things off their chest and have every right to speak up about injustice. Upon some reflection and research I discovered that there is a way to speak up about injustice while staying centered. What do you think?

( Brandy thinks it’s an “outrage” that Bristol Palin will compete in the “Dancing with the Stars” finale over her. What do you think? The singer was shockingly eliminated from the ABC dancing show on Tuesday after being at the top of the leader board for several weeks. She was voted off in favor of […]