This morning I pondered the debate about complaining.  Some people feel they have to get things off their chest and have every right to speak up about injustice.  Upon some reflection and research I discovered that there is a way to speak up about injustice while staying centered.  What do you think?

Example: You are at a restaurant and your chicken arrives uncooked.  You notice it is not what you wanted.

Complaining = “Look at the uncooked meal.  This is not what I ordered. Are you trying to poison me?  What was the cook thinking.  Take this away from me immediately.”

Staying Centered = “Excuse me, but this is not what I ordered. Please take it back and bring me a nice steaming plate of the cooked chicken.  Thank you!”

While staying centered, you are simply pointing out that what you were given is not what you ordered.  You then move immediately to what is wanted.  This is pleasant, direct and in alignment.   The complaining stays with the not wanted vibration and continues into blaming and accusing and being unpleasant.

Check out the audio in this video clip that is from the philosophy of Abraham Hicks:

What is your opinion, is it possible for you to complain and still stay centered?

Please leave your comment below.

Sending positive and prosperous vibes to Elev8Robin Downes

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