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For years people have been trying to lose weight fast, but Dr. Ian Smith came up with a solution on how to do it the…

Be honest with yourself. Are you your ideal weight? Do you have that summer body you desire? Did you make a  new years resolutions promising…

  via:christianpost   Almost seven months after revealing that she had Type 2 diabetes, Paula Deen has spoken about her recent weight loss.  The Food Network star was lambasted by the media for concealing her disease for over three years, and admits she was forced to change her trademark cooking style.   Read More

Are you tired of your same old exercise routine? Well, Laurie Kendrick suggests hula-hooping your way to better health. Kendrick shares the details and the…

  via:eurweb Photos of “Glee’s” Amber Riley at the NAACP Image Awards on Feb. 17, show a little less of the actress than before. “I dropped two dress sizes!” she told People, about her new, slimmer figure – the result of a diet and exercise plan she has been following since last summer. Read More


  By: Paula Spencer Scott/caring.com via:yahoohealth Of all the food and beverage choices you face every day, what’s calorie-free, virtually cost-free, and, oh yes, essential to keeping you alive? Plain ol’ water. But those aren’t the only reasons to drink it. “Water drives basic body performance,” says Beth Reardon, director of nutrition for Duke Integrative […]

So you’ve finally hit your goal weight, and you look amazing! What now? While you’re well aware of what type of commitment it takes to reach your goal, it also takes a huge commitment to stay there. A new study shows that using “rewards” and “reminders” can help you maintain your weight loss. The researchers […]

“This is a big deal,” plastic surgeon Lawrence Bass told “Good Morning America.” “It’s the first time the FDA has cleared a non-invasive fat-reduction technology.”

Sugar is hiding in surprising places, like whole-grain cereal. To discover what's really there, look for syrup and juice in the ingredients and stay away from these!

via:eurweb Aretha Franklin just released her 38th album and is excited to have been blessed thus far at the tender age of 69. With the recent weight loss and better health, the singer just signed a new lease on life. In an interview with AARP The Magazine, she gushed about her 85-pound weight loss and […]