Think your Mr. Next has the potential to be Mr. Right? Before you leap without looking, take an honest inventory. See how many of the following five essential traits he possesses.

Here's an article for singles written by an blogger! When it comes to relationships, most men, myself included, have two categories for women: you’re either a friend or you’re a girlfriend. If you’re not a girlfriend, you’re a friend. Yes, it’s really that simple.

By Tarvenia Jones at I’ve been on the shelf in my dating life for a little while now. Not just me but a few of my closest friends as well. But I’ve decided it’s time to get off of the shelf, dust off and get back out in the dating world.

"Relationships Take Work And There Is Help Out There For All Of Us" Check This Out And Share The Information With Your Loved Ones And Friends.

ABC News recently did a special about successful black women who have never been married.

I had a dream last night that led me to think about how we relate to those we’ve been romantically involved in after we’re no longer involved with them and how should our friends respect the relationship that once was.

In my last post, “Manolos Vs. Maddens: A Lesson About Why Men Don’t Pursue,” I dealt with the question of why some men just don’t pursue to numerous quality women that are in their lives. I won’t repeat the entire article, but essentially the point was this — why pursue when you don’t have to? […]

Upon talking with a friend the other day, she brought up the question of men and why it seems that we often lack the “pursuit” of women.