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By Tarvenia Jones at

I’ve been on the shelf in my dating life for a little while now. Not just me but a few of my closest friends as well. But I’ve decided it’s time to get off of the shelf, dust off and get back out in the dating world.

5.  I love my son more than anyone else in this world, but if I spend one more weekend watching Disney movies and playing Chutes and Ladders, I will probably lose my mind! Let’s face it, there’s something not quite right about a grown woman who freaks out when she can’t figure out where she put the Disney movie “Cars”. It’s even worse when she can quote all of the character Lightening McQueen’s lines.

4. I think it’s time for someone else to pay for my weekend dinners other than me. Now look before some of you get all deep and call me materialistic, I’ve been known to foot the bill. And for those who know me, know that I have no problem doing so. I just want a little chilvary in my life. Is that too much to ask? I’m not expecting a new car or diamonds. I can wait for that. LOL! Just kidding!

3. I don’t want anyone to think I can’t like, you know…get a date. Okay so what things have been slow going. I’m just in a bit of a drought right now. I’d better fix this quick because my co-worker has literally decided she’s going to set me up on a date and she wants to do it all as a reality show. I was okay with being set up until she decided she wanted to bring cameras into the mix. But she didn’t stop there she started showing me pictures of some of the candidates and well ur ra ta…Let’s just say some of them looked awfully pimp like. Guess I can’t be too choosey. Shucks…Yes I can!

2. I have to do more than work like a Hebrew slave and take care of my son. Those two are very important…my work and my son but dang…there absolutely must be more to life. I don’t think I’ll really know how to behave on a date after so much time but I will definitely have fun blogging about it and sharing it with all of you once I do actually go out.

1. Deacon such and such at the church wants to talk to me a little too often after church. I can’t really tell what the constant smile on his face is about. Nor can I really tell why he pats his stomach every time he sees me. No offense but I’m really not into men with processed hair. Well let’s go ahead and call it a Jheri curl. I’m also not into men who are like twenty years older than I am and drive a burgundy Cadilac with an 8 track tape system in it. How do I know this? Deacon such and such told me after church once. Yeah….I think I’d better start dating before he’s my only option…Chile Please!

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