Living prosperous isn’t a sin. In fact, Jesus was prosperous. Bishop IV Hilliard and his family joined “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” to discuss…

From l to r; Sheilah Belle, Freezy, Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, (Trayvon Martin’s parents), Flo Rida, Michel Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr., Mrs. Brown, Pastor…

1. In life we are to encourage and build up each other; not to discourage and tear down one another. 2. In life we are to add, not subtract; to multiply, not divide. 3. In life we are to leave an enduring impression; not a careless dent. 4. In life we are to smooth out […]

An affirmation is a great way to start training your mind toward a positive way of thinking. Coupled with other positive thinking exercises, a positive affirmation will help you overcome any obstacle that is put in front of you. The object of these positive thinking exercises is to ensure that you train the most powerful […]

So many of people are in the grip of the financial crisis or just beginning to recover. Even the worst of times, it is important to remember there is always a ray of hope.   Here is a prayer for Wholeness Blessing – We Are Not Broken We walk in troubled times, But let us not be […]

They are doing quite well for themselves. But do you think America's invading the first family's financial privacy????