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I don’t know how old I was when it started. I must have been two or three - just a child. A talkative little girl who loved… Troy Evans grew up in the inner city streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When he was 9 years old–he faced one of the darkest days of his life. “One of the neighbors was taking the kids and, you know, doing, playing horse, I guess, would put everybody on his shoulders and walk them around […]


  via:christianpost   A grand jury in Texas will have to decide if a father was justified in his attack on an acquaintance he allegedly caught molesting his four-year-old daughter, or whether he used excessive force — as the alleged perpetrator died as a result of the beating. Many have come to his defense, saying […]

Sheila is one of 12 children that Ray Charles fathered.  She was raised in Cambridge, Ohio, by her mother and didn’t meet her father until she was 14 years old.  Sheila suffered sexual abuse during her childhood and as a result spent many years struggling to find her identity.  At 13, Sheila moved to Los […]

The brother of Oscar winner Mo’Nique appeared on Oprah yesterday and admitted he molested the actress when they were children and wants to apologize to her.