Walking can be a wonderfully leisurely pass time. Go for a stroll in the park, pause, watch the birds, pause, stroll some more. Certainly the calories burn is there, and, if you have been inactive it is a great way to get started in an active lifestyle. But the burn is not as significant as running for the same period of time.

The good news is that physical brain change occurs every time something new is learned. This continuous physical, chemical and functional process is called brain plasticity. And it can be strengthened, even in an aging brain.

Via: defendernetwork.com The start of the new year might have already come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the resolutions you made need to fall by the wayside. Research shows that one third of people who have made New Year’s resolutions will have broken them by the end of January. When it comes to sticking […]

Via: defendernetwork.com When the cold weather sets in, it’s natural to want to avoid the chill by staying huddled inside the house. While lounging by the fireplace may be cozy, staying cooped up in the house can lead to inactivity, overeating and indulging in unhealthy comfort foods.

Via: elev8.com Summertime is here and almost gone! Were you focused the weeks before with your workout routine?  Did you get your body ready for your “summer” clothes? How disciplined were you? 

Find a training partner. Sure, you can work out by yourself, but having a partner helps you to get and stay motivated.