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Repeat after me: I will be the best, healthiest me ever!” Start visualizing how you want to look and feel. Then make it happen using these 10 tips for sticking to a fitness plan:

* Find a training partner. Sure, you can work out by yourself, but having a partner helps you to get and stay motivated. Make sure your training partner has the same drive and dedication and shares most of your training interests, abilities, and goals. Working out with someone who’s a little stronger, faster, or at least on the same fitness level will challenge you to be your best.

* Do what you love and have fun doing it. Exercise should be fun, not a chore or obligation. The key is to pick something you like to do or something you can master. If you’re all left feet on the dance floor, then you probably won’t feel successful in an aerobic dance class. Why not try something new this winter to spark your interest, like snowshoeing or cross-country skiing? Or if you don’t like cold weather, try walking laps at your local mall.

* Follow an exercise routine where there is no routine. To remain interested and focused, I rarely do the same routine twice. A “no-routine routine” means mixing up your activities to keep variety in your exercise program. The body can get lazy, and once it gets used to a pattern, it will work just enough—no more, no less—to maintain that fitness level. To make progress while getting in shape, stimulate your muscles in fresh ways.