In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF talks about a moment of realization he had while he was walking his dog: he’s a rescue animal, too! He uses this prayer to thank God for saving him from people who don’t know how to take care of their pets. He says he used to be kept […]

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In the Bible, you never read that Jesus sat down because he was tired. Ever. Jesus walked everywhere. We have got to do better when…

  via:eurweb   Mary Mary is gearing up to tour North America in support of their latest studio album, “Go Get It,” which was released on May 8, says Neechy News.  The duo’s headlining tour will kick off in Jacksonville, Fla. on Oct. 25th, running through Nov. 17th in Hampton, Va. The opening act for […]

A woman was hit and killed early Friday morning while she tried to walk across four lanes of the Katy Freeway. According to investigators, the…


By: Paula Spencer Scott Worried about fading brain power? If you’re older than 27, you have good reason. That’s the age when cognitive skills start to decline, according to new University of Virginia research. But while some changes in thinking and memory are inevitable as we age, the good news is that lifestyle seems […]

Walking can be a wonderfully leisurely pass time. Go for a stroll in the park, pause, watch the birds, pause, stroll some more. Certainly the calories burn is there, and, if you have been inactive it is a great way to get started in an active lifestyle. But the burn is not as significant as running for the same period of time.

The Grammy-award winning gospel singing sister duo candidly spoke with Praise DC about walking the controversial fine line of being gospel artists that can successfully crossover into the secular mainstream but still be effective of delivering God's word.

November 14th 2010, saw me “lined up” along with nearly 30,000 other people at 7:00 AM in 40 degree weather awaiting the sound of a gunshot. Participating in the San Antonio Rock N’ Roll Marathon & A Half was one of the most uniquely, inspiring, life-changing events I have survived to date. Walking 13.1 miles […]

Find a training partner. Sure, you can work out by yourself, but having a partner helps you to get and stay motivated.

As women age, the threat of gaining weight increases. There seems to be a solution to this problem.