God originally wanted Adam and Eve to flourish in the Garden of Eden. However, Satan invaded their peaceful environment in the garden

via:worldchangers.org   Empowered By the Blood of Jesus Author: Creflo Dollar   Summary: We are cleansed and empowered by the blood of Jesus. However, when we live a lifestyle that opposes the Word of God, we forfeit our blood-bought rights. Therefore, it is important that we judge our actions, and when we find ourselves opposing […]

Seven Practical Actions of Kingdom Prosperity

via:worldchangers.com Author: Dr. Creflo A. Dollar   Summary: Sharpening your hearing involves maintaining expectation that you will receive the wisdom only God can reveal. Praying without ceasing and communing with the Holy Spirit are keys to supernatural breakthrough. By inquiring of God and hearing clearly from Him, you will defeat the maneuvers of the enemy […]

via:worldchangers.org Creflo Dollar Have you ever noticed how water, when set on a hot burner for a prolonged period of time, will begin to boil? As the temperature of the burner rises, the water’s activity increases. The longer it remains on the burner, the faster the water reaches its boiling point. God desires for your […]

VIA:WORLDCHANGERS.ORG Summary: All across the world, each week, Christians gather at traditional church services. However, many Believers have become passive about advancing the Kingdom of God. There is a cause for our salvation, and purpose for our lives. We can choose to become extraordinary Christians, making a mark in the lives of others as well […]

via:worldchangers.org Creflo Dollar Prayer is probably one of the most misunderstood and potentially frustrating topics because many people do not know how to get results when they pray. The simplicity of prayer has been lost in many people’s lives and turned into a religious tradition that has a form but no real power. Prayer is […]

Your Imagination Holds the Key

The Precious Blood of Jesus: Seven Reasons Why the Blood is Precious