via:eurweb     Gabrielle Douglas has been a shining star since making her Olympic debut this year. The young gymnast, who isn’t old enough to vote, says her journey has been about faith. Read More

  via:eurweb   David Murrow’s book, “Why Men Hate Going to Church,” struck a chord when it was published in 2005, says  Seven years later, male church attendance is still low. So David went searching for the answer. What he found is reported in Why Men Hate Going to Church: Completely Revised and Updated […]

  By Jerry Newcombe   via:christianpost   The shortest sermon I ever heard was delivered whimsically.  On a Sunday night, many years ago, an associate pastor of a popular mega-church got up to preach. He said that the topic of his sermon was, “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” Then he said, “The […]


  via:eurweb   Don’t be surprised to hear about the Obama camp going into crisis mode upon the revelation of a conversation between Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Edward Klien, the author of “The Amateur,” an unauthorized biography on the president.  “The Amateur,” if you haven’t heard, has been making Republicans super giddy with its explosive […]

  via:eurweb   When President Obama announced that he now supports same-sex marriage, he cited his Christian faith as the reason for his “evolving” views, reports Urban Faith.  Yet for many other Christians, their commitment to Jesus Christ and an orthodox view of the Bible is the reason why they reject homosexuality as a valid […]

Steve Harvey's best selling book "Think Like A Man" is in the process of being made for the big screen. See whose all been casts as you read on!


Via: One day my husband called and told me he wasn’t coming home –ever. He meant it. We’d been married for 25 years. My stomach felt like gumbo, there were so many things sloshing around inside of me. I was hurt. I was petrified about moving on. Still, the worst feeling was the betrayal. […]

VIA NEWSONE.COM Dallas radio host and author, Reuben Armstrong has been doing the media circuit talking about his 2006 book, “Snakes In The Pulpit” in which he accused Bishop Eddie Long of being a homosexual and having relationships with two youth Pastors. Here is one of his interviews. Read ALL of the updates on Bishop […]

Via by Nakia Cooper / Have you ever heard the phrase cheating is good to save your marriage? Well many have not, but one Houston man is saying exactly that. A controversial, new book filled with the confessions of many adulterers touches on this taboo topic that is sparking a debate among couples. […]

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