by Nakia Cooper /

Have you ever heard the phrase cheating is good to save your marriage? Well many have not, but one Houston man is saying exactly that. A controversial, new book filled with the confessions of many adulterers touches on this taboo topic that is sparking a debate among couples.

Self –professed former cheater and entrepreneur Michael Moore is saying that infidelity has saved many restless men in troubled marriages, including his own.

His new book, “Cheat 2 Save Your Marriage,” chronicles the lives of men from all walks of life—from the pastors in the pulpit to successful men in corporate America—and they all say that in one way or another, sampling other fruits outside the home has brought the sparks back into their marriages.
Their excuses? Boredom in the bedroom, lack of appreciation from their wives and a myriad of other excuses that women say they have heard before.
Their remedies? Visiting dens of ill-repute for anonymous sex, setting up separate homes with mistresses and other ways of satisfying sexual desires that were never mentioned in the marriage vows of any faith.
The author of the book shares the tales of the restless and the wandering and even gives commentary and opinions on a case-by-case basis.
Excerpt from book:
I asked myself these questions before I started cheating on my wife. I considered the possibilities about the actions I was going to undertake. I knew what the consequences were if I got caught. I was married to a strong (close-minded) black woman who would not stand for this type of tomfoolery. Or so I thought. I needed to do something, because if I didn’t cheat, the marriage was going to end. My marriage needed excitement and it wasn’t happening at home.
The confessed cheater in this tale then takes readers on a journey of his experiences outside the marriage, and how he felt it made his marriage stronger.
Controversial enough for you?   Well, there’s more!This book does not just tell the story of men who’ve crossed to the other side. Moore has a number of female infidels who come forward and share their experiences and reasons for stepping outside the marriage.