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Kanye West on TMZ

Source: TMZ / TMZ

Many people were shocked to find that Kanye West has been named the number 1 Gospel Artist by Billboard for the third year in the row.

This crated much controversy as some disagree the the music Kanye West makes doesn’t or shouldn’t fall into the gospel category. Some strongly believe that there are too many true gospel artist that should have that title.

According to Billboard on Thursday, West is ranked Billboard’s No. 1 gospel artist of 2021, and he is also the top male artist in the genre. He previously held the top spot for 2020 and 2019.

Among the Number 1 title, Kanye also hold is the No. 1 Top Christian Album and No. 1 Top Gospel Album for Donda.

Crazy enough, Kanye also is the top streamed gospel artist and his number 1 title is ranked out of all the other Christian artist, Gospel Artist, Hot Christian Songs Artist, Hot Gospel Songs Artist, Hot Gospel Songs Producer, Hot Gospel Songs Writer.

Some of the controversial tweets includes people saying

“Donda is NOT a gospel or Christian album STOP with the BS,” one person said on Twitter in response to the article.

“The Clark Sisters are rolling over in their graves seeing this,” another said.

“Somewhere Kirk Franklin is giving the side-eye,” another said.

Others pointed out that calling ‘Donda’ a Christian or gospel album was, in essence, disrespecting the sacrosanctity of the religion as Kanye had invited one of the biggest Satanists, Marilyn Manson, on stage while he performed and also to be a part of the album.

Others, however, celebrated the rapper’s ins as they noted that his own conversion to Christianity was “winning souls for Christ.”

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