Many people were shocked to find that Kanye West has been named the number 1 Gospel Artist by Billboard for the third year in the row. This crated much controversy as some disagree the the music Kanye West makes doesn’t or shouldn’t fall into the gospel category. Some strongly believe that there are too many […]

Every year, BMI recognizes the top-performing gospel songwriters and each year, it's a blessing to see the impact of the powerful music with a message.

It finally happened for Kanye West. The 42-year-old sneaker mogul, occasional rapper, producer, guest speaker at megachurches, and guy who you probably don’t agree with in terms of political videos across the country just crossed over the threshold for billionaire status according to Forbes. In a new profile by Zack O’Malley Greenburg, Yeezy not only shared […]

Kanye West believes that he is living proof that God sometimes gets the last laugh in your battles. The entertainer and musician spoke about his renewed commitment to the Lord during a Saturday appearance at Awaken 2020, an evangelical prayer rally hosted in Tempe, Arizona. After a performance, West told the crowd that he considered […]

All year the spiritual journey of Kanye West has come equipped with a giant choir, interesting performances and more. His come-to-Jesus moment has already resulted in a proper full-length album, Jesus Is King even if critics handed in mixed reviews about it. On Christmas Day, Ye and his Sunday Service Choir released Jesus Is Born, an honest to true […]

Kanye West brought Sunday Service to Houston ... in front of his biggest crowd yet.

On Sunday, Kanye West is bringing his traveling choir to Lakewood Church for Sunday Service, his brand of praise and worship that remixes current songs and fixes them up in a gospel manner. The rapper was invited to Lakewood by Pastor Joel Osteen and West took him up on his offer. West will attend the 11 […]

While some Kanye West fans are still waiting for Jesus Is King, one particular Kanye fan is more than welcome to see him personally – Lakewood Church pastor Joel Olsteen. According to TMZ, West and Olsteen chat frequently and Olsteen has personally invited West to come down to the H to experience Lakewood and the 45,000 people who […]

via BCNN1: Kanye West no longer likes seeing his wife wear outfits that are too sexy, especially out in public, after declaring that he’s a born again Christian.  A debate between West and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, over a revealing custom designer dress that ensued the night before the Met Gala in May was […]

Kanye West and his pop-up series of Sunday performances “Sunday Service” made their way to Atlanta over the weekend, drawing members and celebrity guests to Pastor Jamal H. Bryant‘s megachurch in Stonecrest. West’s flavor of gospel performance have been geared towards providing twists to R&B favorites to make them more gospel-centered. An example? He and his […]