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Check out this insightful and powerful interview of three young ministers of the gospel. You and your youth will be inspired and touch by their testimonies. Check it out!

Check out this weeks edition of inspiration underground featuring Canton Jones, Transparent, Lowell Pye, J.Moss, Brother Joesph, Dorinda Clark Cole, Corey Paul and more..

Check out episode #16 of our hot radio show Inspiration Underground. New music featured this week from Montell Jordan, Trip Lee, Tedashai, Dorinda Clark Cole, Foe and Deitrick Haddon. Listen now!

Check out this weeks edition of Inspiration Underground featuring an interview with The Frontliners (Corey Paul, Reconsile and Hilliary Pradia) as well featuring music from Isaac Caree, Da Truth, Tedashii and more..

Check out this remix video for “I Smile” that features cameo appearances from Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley, Isaac Caree and more. It is Hillarious, it starts after a special message from Kirk Franklin about his upcoming tour.

According to a report called “The State of Church Giving Through 2009,” churches are taking majority of tithes collected twords the church. The report also reveals how much of the ten percent parishioners were giving as well.

Tae-Bo creator and fitness guru Billy Blanks was a man that had it all coming to him, yet inside him he sensed that something was missing from his life. Read his great testimony and the steps he took to walk in christ.

CHeck out the show that everyone is talking about that features hot new artists, music, interviews as well as your contemporary favorites. This weeks show features music from Coko, BB Jay, Karen Clark Sheard, Lecrae, Gideonz Army,  Reconcile, Kelly Price and more..

Check out this exclusive interview with Gideonz Army.

The young rapper is making a name for himself by taking a strong no compromise stance on his Christianity while making it relate-able  to everyday real life. He lives here in Houston via California. Check out his new video that tells it like it is. I think every young man who looks up to mainstream […]