Where’s the beef?  Consumers beware! You ever go grocery shopping and smell the delicious aromas, and after searching the store you find the samples and want to indulge? You ever walk around the department stores and have a nack for something quick to eat, so you buy a quick bite at the cafe or eatery […]

Ladies, get rid of that pooch! Want to tighten up that mid-section and rid of that unsightly flap over your pants? Read Here  

Do you wish to eat delicious food and watch pounds just melt away? Try these secret snacks from Dr. Oz that turns your body into a fat-burning machine! Recent studies prove that snacking on the right food at the right time can burn pounds away. The key to burning fat, highlighted by Dr. Oz, is to […]

Hey Parents and Guardians! Free summer meals are available for youths ages 1-18 through June 4-August 12, 2012! No registration is required to eat; just show up at a site near you! The Summer Food Program provides nutritious free meals to children 18 and younger in lower-income areas during summer when school is not in […]

Via: Two years ago, Japanese supermarkets couldn’t keep bananas on the shelves after a man revealed the secret of his weight-loss success on a leading social network. Now a healthier version of his diet is catching on in America, thanks to the fruit and nutrition experts at Dole. The Go Bananas 2-A-Day Challenge was […]

Via: defendernetworks Chips and a soft drink may be a convenient after school snack, but it doesn’t do the body any good. Believe it or not, there are snack options that not only do the body – and the brain – some good, but they taste good, too. Omega-3s are fats essential to brain development […]

          By Karen Ansel, R.D., Women’s Health via:yahoohealth   Whoever coined the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” might as well have been talking about the nutritional potential of food. “When we eat certain foods together, their components work in sync—they produce health-promoting results that far […]

Via: While many of us try to make healthy eating a priority, the reality is that our busy schedules can make it difficult to eat right while on the go. But, if you keep your fridge and pantry stocked with a few key ingredients, it becomes a whole lot easier to make snack choices […]

  Via: For many parents, back to school time can be stressful and hectic. Luckily, healthy eating doesn’t have to be.


Hands-on Food. Let’s face it. Kids prefer to eat with their hands. Finger foods make ideal meals for kids since you can combine a variety of small portions on one plate.