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Chips and a soft drink may be a convenient after school snack, but it doesn’t do the body any good. Believe it or not, there are snack options that not only do the body – and the brain – some good, but they taste good, too.

Omega-3s are fats essential to brain development and continued brain health, vision, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and normal growth and development throughout childhood. However, they are not produced in the body, nor are they found in many foods. Fatty fish are an excellent source off omega-3s, but fatty fish are not on most kids’ after school snack menus. However, there are other sources of omega-3s, such as Omega-3 Milk from Organic Valley.

“Adding milk high in omega-3s to our daily diet is a simple, practical way to promote life-long health, and it is especially important for families with young children. Omega-3s are essential building blocks for infants and children as they grow and their brains develop,” said Dr. Charles Benbrook, chief scientist of The Organic Center.

With Omega-3 milk, Organic Valley complements its pasture-based organic milk-which already contains elevated levels of the naturally-occurring ALA Omega-3-with DHA and EPA, two other Omega-3 fatty acids extracted from sustainably-sourced fish oil. Each glass delivers complete Omega-3 nutrition.

For a mouth-pleasing, brain-boosting after school snack, try serving up some of this fun String Cheese “Slaw” with a tall glass of Omega-3 milk. It may just turn chips into a snack of the past.

Organic Valley

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