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Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives fame has decided to re-dedicate her life to the Lord.

In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, Lozada spoke upon how a recent moment in her life caused her to once more turn to the Lord and be closer with Him. “I’m not living my life for Instagram, Facebook, I’m living my life for my family, my kids, and God,” she said.

She continued,  “Something was missing, it was on my heart, it was on my mind [to get Baptized].”

Lozada originally dedicated her life to the Lord in 2013 following the end of her marriage to NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. Her second rededication following her baptism on Monday has also come with a slew of lifestyle changes such as no longer having premarital sex.

“I’m done with premarital sex,” Lozada said, citing how certain interactions and relationships drained her soul and spirit. “I felt like… [in] those relationships I lost a piece of me, every time I had sex [out of wedlock]. Whether they’re interested in me or not with what my journey is, if they’re not with it then I feel like it kinda clears out the BS, so that’s what I want for my life.”

She also found a spiritual friend in some ways in Kanye West, who also is going through his own spiritual revelation, albeit in far more drastic terms according to his critics.

“You know it’s so crazy,” she said. “I think people that don’t understand, say ‘Oh Kanye’s so crazy,’” but, “he makes a lot of sense,” she said, noting that outside of his sneakers and music, she didn’t really know where Kanye stood on things. “I’m proud of him and the journey that he’s on. It inspired me; I’m excited for him. I’m rooting for him from the side.”

Her ultimate goal with her journey? Inspiring other girls.

“I feel like I want to be able to be an example,” Lozada said. “I want to be able to speak to young girls from where I came from. I want to be able to inspire other people to, especially young girls, young women, to be able to just really love themselves and really honor themselves. You know your body is a temple.”

She added, “It takes time to get there mentally. I’m not saying I’m perfect because trust me; I’m not. I’m still working on cursing and stuff like that, which has been a way of life for many years. But you know, just really wanting to inspire the youth and young girls.”

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