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Kyesha Smith Wood, a mother of three, broke the internet this week when she issued an apology on behalf of her daughters’ rude behavior towards another mother at a movie theater in Alabama.

Wood dropped her son, daughter, and step-daughter off at the movies and afterwards, was informed by her son that the two 13-year-old girls were disruptive during their showing of Disney’s Cinderella. Movie-goer Rebecca Boyd asked the girls to stop talking, but they refused. Afterwards, Boyd told them it would be one of the last movie trips for her family since her husband just got laid off, according to ABC 3340.

Upon hearing about the incident, an upset Wood took to Facebook to find the woman and offer her free movie tickets.

The friendly and honorable post got the attention of over 200,000 people on Saturday. Boyd replied, thanking Wood for her warm apology. And thanks to the internet, the women met and even have plans to catch a movie together with their children.

Wood says the attention hasn’t distracted from her plans to discipline her daughters. The teens will use some of their allowance money to treat Boyd to a film and have penned an apology letter.


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