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Beginning January 1st, TLC is bringing a new reality show to their network called “The Sisterhood”. This show will detail the lives of five pastor’s wives in Atlanta Georgia. Here’s what their press release reads:

“The Sisterhood is an honest, behind-the-scenes look into the struggles, triumphs and unique experiences that shape these bold women as they ditch their Sunday hats and morph into the dynamic and influential figures they have become and aim to be. Tensions will run high as their faith and relationships are challenged through a dramatic season of disagreements, betrayal, criticism and exposing inner demons. Will they work together to support each other or will differences lead to tarnished friendships that are beyond salvaging a true sisterhood?”

Other networks have tried to do shows like this but they just didn’t have enough “drama” viewers look for, sad to say. Hopefully “Sisterhood” will provide a balance and some clean, drama-filled inspirational entertainment.

Check out the trailer:

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