By: Paul de Vries


The invitation for every one of us to speak our thanks personally to our Creator, our Savior, is a unique and precious gift we Christians especially embrace. And we are grateful for the Biblical revelation that fuels vibrant human-to-divine thanks.

 Thanksgiving – or giving thanks – is a huge theme in the Bible. For the first special meal recorded in the Bible, the marvelous priest-king Melchizedek brought plenty of food and wine to Abram (later called Abraham), along with Abram’s small team of warriors and the people he rescued, to express thanksgiving for their extraordinary victory of liberation. Very few words of that ancient thanksgiving meal are recorded for us – 25 words in English, a mere 14 words in the original Hebrew. Nevertheless, those few words include strong blessings both for Abram and for God, who is identified as the Most High, the living and active liberator. In response, Abram gratefully gave to Melchizedek, a priest representing the Most High God, a thanksgiving offering of 10% of the plunder from the stunning victory this same living God had enabled.

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