In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell recites the scripture, "my people perish for lack of knowledge."

Marcus D. Wiley explains why you find so many unhappy Christians- and it’s because they’re not eating their “happy meals.” Listen to this Sanctified Sermon to hear more in…

Michelle Obama launched a project that will allow students and educators around the nation to access scores of e-books.

Marley Dias started #1000BlackGirlBooks because she was frustrated with the racially monolithic books being assigned in class. When heading off on their summer vacations, some people like to take books along to read, while others don’t have any interest at all…

Courtney Holmes is part of a growing trend of barbers that are getting creative and helping their local children get an education.

At NewsOne, we believe that the child who reads is the child who leads. In keeping with that idea, we decided this summer to take…


By: Paul de Vries via:christianpost The invitation for every one of us to speak our thanks personally to our Creator, our Savior, is a unique and precious gift we Christians especially embrace. And we are grateful for the Biblical revelation that fuels vibrant human-to-divine thanks.  Thanksgiving – or giving thanks – is a huge theme […]

via: Bedtime reading is one of our favorite childhood memories. There was nothing better than being told stories about princesses, magical adventures, mythical creatures, and fun loving animals as we slowly drifted into dream land with our trusty blanket in tow. As children, we loved to hear stories featuring characters who looked just like […]