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We’ve all heard it before: “No white after Labor Day!”  Its a rule that seems to govern our wardrobe changes around this time of year, but is it written in stone?

As Labor Day approaches, this question is on the forefront of many fashionistas’ minds, but before you clean out your closet, take a moment to consider whether this is a valid rule or an outdated remnant of the past.

Perhaps a white linen dress is inappropriate for a 50-degree day, but a chunky off-white scarf, like the one by Ralph Lauren, could be just the thing to spruce up a dark, drab winter ensemble.  The question is not so much whether white is acceptable in the winter, but rather, how can it be done tastefully.

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Here are a list of rules to help you conquer white after Labor Day:

5. Stay away from lightweight fabrics. Fabrics like white linen are designed to shade the skin from direct contact with the sun, while allowing for ventilation in warm weather.  Such fabrics serve both a practical and fashionable purposes during the summer,  but are totally inappropriate for the cooler months.

4. Avoid wearing white from head to toe after labor day. While your all white outfit looked fresh and summary as you basked in the June sun, it may very well give you the opposite effect in December.  Avoid appearing white washed by limiting yourself.  After all, there’s nothing cute about blending in with the snow! Try mixing it up; pair that white shirt with dark pants to balance your look.

3. Try off-white hues. You can still achieve the same bright glory by using similar tones.  A light cream colored coat will provide the same effect in a more subtle way.

2. Merchandise it up! Adding accessories to your winter white can help to acclimate it.  An off-white blazer with a heavy statement belt will make it look current, and not like you are still wearing your summer clothes in the fall.

1. Wear your winter-white with confidence! Learn the rules for pulling off the look and then Rock It Out!  After all, you have to master the rules before you can break them.

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