Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard that little voice inside your head scream: “Oh my goodness I hate my legs!” “I wish my stomach…

I remember being a teenager blasting Aaliyah and TLC from my pink Barbie boombox praying that my mother would ignore how loud it was just…


via:foodnetwork Here’s anoter instalment of Our Favorite Holiday Recipies. If you are a pie lover, then  the basics of making pies should be in your DNA. But if you always wanted to try it yourself and didn’t know where to start….then watch this video. Now that you got the basics down, get a pie recipe to try! […]

The question is not so much whether white is acceptable to wear in the winter, but rather, how can it be done tastefully.

If you live on the East coast, you know how dreary the weather is outside right now. The rain is no excuse to forego a…

If your wondering how to style you hair for an upcoming holiday party, but don't do well with time management, this 'do is for you!

Plus-size women often complain that they can't find the perfect pants, ones that don't go overboard in giving extra room in the seat, thighs and waistline.

The smokey cat-eye. Whenever we attempt this we end up with smudgy raccoon eyes. So here's the trick is to getting precise lines and a clean shape.

If you will live like no one else will now, you willl live like no one else can later! Starting small can pay off big. If you choose wisely and persevere, a modest monthly investment can produce a nest egg that will let you retire comfortably. If you will live like no one else will now, you willl live like no one else can later!

Summer heat, salt water and chlorine can damage your hair. Here are three ways to treat and rescue it before fall.