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Plus-size women often complain that they can’t find the perfect pants, ones that don’t go overboard in giving extra room in the seat, thighs and waistline. More times than not, the women will opt for dresses and skirts because they’re easy. But here are 4 of the best pants for curvier women!

Wide-leg trousers. A timeless option that flatters most body types. Length is key here — when worn with heels, these floor-grazers should make you look two inches taller and 10 pounds leaner. I am obsessed with Rafaella’s Modern Fit khaki trousers. Made with thick, form-fitting rayon/spandex and boasting a forgiving, stretchy waistband, these are clutch for warm-weather workwear.

A dark-wash skinny jean. I know, I know: You’re convinced that they’ll highlight your ample thighs. But as long as they fall just past the ankle (no bunching up at the shin) and aren’t muffin-top tight, skinnies are totally wearable for the plus-size set. Opt for indigo or black — no distressing or whiskering, please. Yes, they’ll shape your thighs. There’s no getting around that. But you can offset the effect with a long cardi and heels.

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