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This bit of prose is dedicated to my Husband, his Father, and of course, my own Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!

Its interesting how it begins

A little bit of lovin’

Two people together like husband and wife

The beginning is here for a new life

Which grows and grows in the tummy of another

The one that would be called its mother

But, let’s not forget the other one

That happens to start as someone’s son

He may not have grew the baby in his body

No less important He is now a Poppy

It really is somethin’ , to be his child’s hero

He watches his child grow from zero

Form diapers to prom to college you loan

To even getting a place on their own

You train them for life

And pray they have no strife

From football to ballet

To graduation day

You teach and discipline them

And catch the growing and fun on film

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