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Hurricane season is fast approaching.  It starts June 1st and the time to get ready, is before a storm forms in the Gulf of Mexico.  There is protective film that can help your home face the fury of a Hurricane.

The founder of Houston based Armor Glass International Michael Fjetland says they have a security window film that can help a house withstand hurricane damage.  He says “they found what happens is that wind blown debris breaks a window and then basically it does uptake on the roof, so basically blowing your structure apart.”

Fjetland says the film is a product that was developed after the terror attacks of September 11 and is widely used “it is the same film they put on the Pentagon and other federal buildings in Washington after 9/11.”

He says the security film is about four times thicker than the typical solar film and will help protect homes from flying debris during a storm. “It will take 175-mile an hour winds,” Fietland added. “It will take a large missile impact up to four and a half pounds against the glass without penetrating.”

Fjetland says the film can also help make your home more secure against break-ins if you had to evacuate. And during the rest of the year, he says the film can make your home more energy efficient.  To find out more about the security window film, visit

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