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A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean nibbling on bland fare. With strategic substitutions and smart snacking tips, you can still enjoy some favorite foods without compromising your nutritional goals.

“Eating healthy means enjoying a broad variety of foods and including carbs, protein and fat in your diet,” says one of the country’s most recognized sports dietitians, Leslie Bonci, who consults for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Milwaukee Brewers and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

With smart food swaps and tricks that add nutrients and flavor, Bonci can help you enjoy eating well without the extra pounds.

Stay hydrated. If you are on the go, drink cold water – it leaves your stomach and gets to the muscles faster, thus doing a better job of hydrating your body. Also, try swapping some of the foods on your menu for ones with liquid: Foods such as cold soups, many fruits, vegetables and applesauce take up more room in the stomach and can help keep you full longer. Consider making satisfying salads with grains like bulgur or brown rice, which also absorb a lot of liquid.

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