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via School Bible clubs face many challenges these days, ranging from uninterested students to legal questions of whether such clubs are even constitutional.

But the Redbank Valley High School Bible Club in the small western Pennsylvania town of New Bethlehem certainly doesn’t face such problems.

Two-thirds of the student body shows up for the 10:02 a.m. Monday weekly meetings. So many kids attend that students claim it is by far the world’s largest Bible club in any public school.

The Key? Have Fun

Five years ago when they started, Club leaders hit on a wildly winning formula.

“Being a Christian is fun; it’s the best way to go,” Danielle Barlett, Bible Club vice president, recalled saying at the time. “So, let’s bring some fun into the community.”

Since then, these student leaders have spent thousands of hours across the years making sure the Monday meetings entertain and appeal to kids.

“It’s not like going to church and just sitting there listening to a lesson. We get games and activities and videos,” Bible Club president Ashley Reefer told CBN News

One of the highlights of the Bible Club is skits.

In one of them, the students created a lively, noisy game show where a contestant guessed the price paid for various products. The last “product” to appear was a fellow student, and it was revealed the price paid for him was the blood of Christ.

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