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While Erica Campbell is a Christian and a Gospel singer, she wants to be sure she makes it clear that this show is for everybody! One might put pressure on themselves to become what they think they should be in order to “qualify” as one of the “Get Up!” morning show’s listeners. But there are […]

Sometimes, fashion can get a bad reputation when people write it off as frivolous, superficial and materialistic. While the industry can certainly go to those extremes, it doesn’t have to be that way for us in daily life. Stylist J. Bolin shares his insight on the importance of appearance, especially as Christians, and looking fashionable, […]

Da TRUTH talks about his new album, “It’s Complicated,” which he says details his journey through his faith, with a special emphasis on the questions he had growing up in the church.  He also talks about how to engage millennials, specifically by being honest about his “many bouts with doubt,” and shares his hope of […]

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