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Ten steps to peace is  an exercise we all should try.We all need that extra push to get over the two days behind us and look to the two days to go. Issues that we need to work out are ongoing. There is no one cure all but you can work it out.

1. LIVE IN A STATE OF APPRECIATION – Make a commitment to sincerely appreciate yourself and your loved ones at least several times daily. Focusing on the positive and sincerely noticing things you appreciate in yourself and others brings a feeling of peacefulness and flow that you can feel in your whole body.

2. CHOOSE INTEGRITY IN YOUR AGREEMENTS – Only make agreements you REALLY WANT to make. Give up the “shoulds” and “need to’s”.You gain Peace of Mind by being true to yourself and honest with others.

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3. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, CHOOSE TO DO WHAT IS BEST IN A SITUATION–  Think things through before you make that final choice. You may find out you have more options than possible

4. BREATHE – We often are continually reacting to ongoing stimuli and distractions. We unconsciously stop our breath when we experience feelings of anger, fear or sadness that accompany our busy lives. Shift from being reactive to making a cnscious choice in how you respond. My friends constantly remind me to breathe when I go into reactive mode.

5.  BE RADICAL AND SHIFT FROM “BLAMING” TO “CLAIMING – Make a commitment to eliminate blame and criticism in your life and you will experience more joy, peace and loving connections. When you notice yourself starting to blame, instead turn it around and KINDLY ask yourself “I wonder how I contributed to this situation?”

6. ADOPT THE MANTRA “IT’S PERFECT EXACTLY HOW IT IS” – Stress is often about always wishing “IT” (your body, your job, your relationship, your life, you fill in the blank) was different than “IT” is. Because you can’t change something if you don’t first acknowledge it exactly how it is and accept it as reality. There is something very comforting about being nonjudgmental in accepting reality.

7. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, LIVE IN COMPLETION – When our minds are bogged down with mental or physical clutter. Taking steps towards completion can restore your sense of power over those things you can control and help clear out inner space.

8. TELL THE TRUTH – This is like a magic elixir! In your important relationships, whenever you hold back from sharing something important, keep significant secrets or for some reason choose not to face what you know to be true (don’t tell the truth to yourself), you create a feeling of stress or dis-ease within you.

9. ENHANCE YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – Learning how to identify what you are feeling when you are feeling it and building your ability to honor and express your feelings appropriately will definitely take

10. MOVE YOUR BODY – Sometimes, when you mind is stuck in overwhelm, moving your body can help create. Get up from your desk and walk around. Take your keys and go for a walk. It’s amazing what happens when you get moving.