How Does Adultery Begin?




Hello Friday…Hello Friday Morning… Hello Friday Evening…Hey y’all its Friday.  And, it’s a wonderful Friday, it is.  As you know, Fridays are the start of my kick back weekends (ok if you believe my weekends are totally kick back then you don’t have kids).  But anyway, the beginning of my kick back weekends begins today!  Yea!

As I reflect on the weekend that has happened, I look at all of the things that I have done and the people I have met.  I am pretty satisfied with the things that I have accomplished and the way I have presented myself with the people I have interacted.  But, that gets me to thinking.  Is God satisfied with the way I acted and the things I have done.

See, I serve God totally, completely, every minute of every day.  This makes it important to me to make sure that I am doing the things in my life the way God wants me.  Now, see here, just because I am totally in it for God to get the glory, this does not mean that I totally get it right.

People make me mad so I therefore act unholy or ungodly to them.  And, when God calls me out on that I ask for forgiveness and repent.  Then there is something else that I did not do according to God’s standards.  Of course, the process repeats itself.  But know this, I am not afraid of the process because God says in His word that I will fail but He will love me anyway.  And, that I am forever His.  I carry these truths with me wherever I go.

But, where did I go this last week?  WHERE DID I GO THIS WEEK?  Ok, that is in capital letters because I don’t mean go as in went as in physical places.  But, I mean go as in what entered my spirit – became a part of who I am today.  Many people interact with people and don’t evaluate the experience they have had.  Does God approve the interaction with that person?

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