Our emailer writes to Yolanda Adams with a broken heart after having been cheated on by his wife twice, thirty years ago. After making the decision…

  By J. Lee Grady/Charisma News via:blackchristiannews   It happened again. For the third time in six months, the pastor of a large church in my hometown of Orlando, Fla., has resigned from his pulpit because of adultery. I’m sad. I’m sick. I’m sorry for the pastors, and sorrier for the congregations that are having to […]


via:blackchristiannews What experts said (starting with “yes” and moving to “no”): “Owners should not have to choose between keeping their business or marriage, and laws should not make it difficult for men to remove temptations that threaten their marriage. Employees do have some discretion over whether they find themselves in this situation.” Brad Dacus, president, […]

One the greatest sins in the church is not necessarily gossip, strife, addictions, adultery, or fornication–even though all these things are sin. What I believe is the greatest sin today, especially in America, is the sin of prayerlessness or leaving God alone. We can easily become caught in the trap where our only consistent time […]

Thou shalt not commit adultery. And thou also shalt not use Facebook. Rev Cedric Miller, who ordered married church officials to delete their Facebook accounts. Wayne Parry

“Now that [my wife] has met people on [the Internet] and started to flirt, I am starting to feel deeply hurt. An unbearable feeling of jealously is gripping my heart and distracting me from my own daily life. Work, friends and household are all affected. She laughs it off by

Via BlackChristiannews.com: In her new and buzzworthy book, For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage, The New York Times’s Tara Parker-Pope examines what brain chemistry and genes have to do with happy marriages. She begins a recent Well column with a question: “Why do some men and women cheat on their partners while others […]

Check out this article from an Elev8.com blogger about Christianity and Masturbation.

  Via:  Elev8.com Hello Friday…Hello Friday Morning… Hello Friday Evening…Hey y’all its Friday.  And, it’s a wonderful Friday, it is.  As you know, Fridays are the start of my kick back weekends (ok if you believe my weekends are totally kick back then you don’t have kids).  But anyway, the beginning of my kick back […]