Life goes on for Bishop Eddie Long amid accusations that he used his influence to have sex with young men in his congregation.

In his latest sermon, posted Sunday (Oct. 17) on YouTube, the leader of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church covers a wide range of topics, including his view of the new Facebook movie “The Social Network,” and his own addiction to the iPhone.

Sporting his trademark spandex t-shirt under a vest and preaching from what appears to be an iPad, Long speaks about “Generation iY” (born after 1990) and its dependence on communication technology – such as Facebook, iPhones, iTunes, iChats, etc.

“Jesus sent me by here this morning to remind all of us of one simple thing: I am the vine. I am your only connection. I am your lifeline,” he said.

“God says even if you’ve still got a rotary phone, you can still be connected to me,” Long added. “I am your iTune. I am your iPad. I am your Google search engine. Anything you want to know, you ask me and I’ll run it back in you so quick and so fast…”

Listen below.

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