I feel an immense sense of freedom. Want to know my secret? I just let go…. That’s it, I let go! I stopped fighting against the current and let the stream of life just flow. I became aware and open to the synchronicities that the universe has in store.

My First   A-Ha! moment:

A few days ago, I had been listening to a workshop by Esther and Jerry Hicks-Abraham called “The Art of Allowing” (it’s included with their book: “The Astonishing Power Of Emotions, Let Your Feeling Be your Guide.”) Mind you, I’ve heard this CD at least five times before, but on this day I needed another boost of it to remind me of their message and it was music to my ears.

Esther spoke about how many of us think life is supposed to be hard. We think it’s supposed to be a fight, a battle, or a struggle. She used the analogy of life being a river and us being in a boat. We want to go upstream all the time, because of our belief. We have to fight, battle, or struggle to get anywhere in life. Esther mentioned we should just go with the flow of the stream. To stop paddling against the current.

“The moment you let go of the oars, the majority of that resistance you have subsides.” – Esther Hicks-Abraham

You’ll begin to really enjoy life’s lessons when you pay attention to the messages that cross your path—sometimes hurling straight for your head at 500 MPH!  I like to call those the RED FLAGS that we tend to ignore ☺ Red flags can be good signs and bad signs, we just need to WAKE UP and SEE them for what they truly are!

When you let go of the “oars”… relief comes, even though it might not come exactly when you want it, it will come!

My Second A-Ha! Moment:

Doing the work that I do, I no longer believe in coincidences! Yesterday morning, I popped in The Wayne Dyer Collection CD that I haven’t heard in probably a year or so. He started to talk about a childhood song that has a simple message that we should all take heed to.

Then he asks the audience to sing along…

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream….Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.”

He said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Row your boat, not your brother’s boat, not your wife’s boat, but YOUR boat!” LOL … He also used the same analogy as Esther and talked about the stream is like our life and how we need to go with flow.

I say, when you let go of the oars—you don’t even need to row anymore. Let the current take you and trust your intention and intuition to lead you to the right path of your soul’s journey.

When you go with the flow, you truly take time to remember who you are, and the honor values and dreams with the integrity your soul’s mission desires and deserves. You don’t go against the grain, but do what comes easy for you … what you LOVE to do.  It’s also about releasing your inner control freak and sending her or him away to a far off place! Come on … admit it. We all have one.  For this article, I’ll just call her Ms. Jackson. (Some of you 80’s kids might get it.) LOL

5 Everyday Rituals For A More Meaningful Life

I’m saying good-bye to Ms. Jackson because:

•    She refuses to go with the flow. She won’t accept things that come with no effort. She believes that’s just being lazy!

•    She wants to have it all planned, scheduled, lined up, and the reservations called in three months in advance.

•    When things don’t go as planned, she loses it. She says, “Who needs some rinky-dink oars? I’m going to get me a high powered MOTOR and strap it on to my tug boat of life of fight against the flow, because I can!”

•    Not only would she want to fight for her life, but she wants to take every wounded soul around her for the ride. (You Suzy Save-em-Alls, know who I’m talking about!) Oh yeah, she’ll stuff them all in her little boat. She has a motor, so why not?

•    If she runs out of gas….aka BURNED OUT, no problemo, Ms. Jackson will try the oars again and pull the weight of EVERYONE in the boat.

But wait…it’s not moving. She isn’t going anywhere. The waves are hitting her in the face, she’s paddling with all her might, but she’s stuck. She can’t understand why things weren’t working in her life. Why her career, friendships, love life, and health were heading into a downward spiral.  But then, she looked back and noticed a few of those people she took along for the ride were just DEAD WEIGHT, like anchors holding the boat in place while she paddled, paddled, paddled with no success and no one was volunteering to help.

Ms. Jackson, aka your INNER CONTROL FREAK, wants Life to have no waves and wants everything to be perfect! However, we all know that the waves (things we call problems) bring with them gifts of abundance and love. Though, at times, we don’t see it in the moment. A gift can be sickness that allows us to sit still and really evaluate our life or let people take care of use for once. Or, a break up with lover who may have been taking advantage of you. Or, a huge blow out with your teenager that taught you that you CAN’T CHANGE anyone. Or, the unexpected layoff from a job of 10 years that allows you to finally focus on your dream business.

Of course, it looks like a tidal wave about to take us under when it hits,  but the gift is coming in the form of a lesson.  Stand strong and don’t worry. When it’s over, you’ll be able to wring out your wet clothes, shake off that water, and continue down the stream to realize that there are more gifts all along the way.

Don’t Be A Control Freak Like Ms. Jackson

Oh, if she only knew from the beginning to go with the flow!  You can, too, when you consider the following:

1.    Do things that come effortless to you in your life. Focus on your God Given talent, even if it’s not your main way of making money right now. Work on it part-time, until it is!

2.    Dump  the heavy weight out of your boat. Focus ON YOU FIRST! Those anchors can be toxic relationships with friends, co-workers, and even family members and lovers who might be holding you back or draining your energy and nay-sayers that are not interested in your personal dreams. They are not reciprocal relationships, and can’t or won’t support the vision you have for yourself.

3.    Honor your values and stand by your beliefs!

4.    Become an allower!

The Art of Allowing is finding a vibration that feels SO good when you find it, feels better and better as you maintain it, and gives you evidence of that connection through THRIVING. You’ll learn to recognize it. It is joy in the moment (NOW). The long long-range evidence is abundance in all things you consider good — like health, relationships, and dollars.  —Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix 3/29/2003

5. Get good at finding an appropriate release. Let go of what it is that doesn’t make you feel good.

6.  Realize you are the creator of your experience. You do have a choice … downstream with the flow or upstream with the struggle? Take your pick!

Once you begin to flow — circumstances and events become immediate. It will feel like magic and you’ll be slapping yourself in the head for not “letting go of the oars” sooner.  The only thing holding you back is yourself. Come into vibrational alignment with who you are.

Most importantly, RELEASE THE OARS and go with the flow of life. Pay attention to your A-HA! MOMENTS. Oh, what a ride on river it will be!


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