This weekend’s Super Bowl doesn’t have to end in four hours of bloated agony from the unthinkable amount of beer you consumed. A wide variety…

Via Check out some of the photos from The Baltimore Ravens Championship Superbowl Parade! Ray and the whole entire gang was in attendance, and the city showed them the love that Champions deserve.


  via:christianpost Ray Lewis, 37-year-old Baltimore Ravens linebacker, seemed to be rubbing off on his team as he glorified God before and after winning the AFC Championship while solidifying a spot in the Super Bowl.  During the singing of the National Anthem on Sunday, Lewis was shown tearfully mouthing what looked to be the phrase […]

Josh D. Weiss/US Presswire HOUSTON — For as long as Cristian Driver has been able to speak, he’s ended each day by saying good night to God. It is in that moment, when his eyes are closed and his hands are folded together, when he’s saying his thank yous and blessings, that the 7-year-old shares […]


          By Doug Farrar via:yahoosports   There were those skeptical of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ claim that his team would host the Super Bowl in the new, state-of-the-art Cowboys Stadium, but even the most ardent disbelievers could not have imagined the disaster Dallas’ season has become. After the Cowboys’ 35-17 […]

The New Orleans Saints, a team with no home and an uncertain future five years ago, are heading for their first Super Bowl. By battering Brett Favre and beating the Minnesota Vikings 31-28 Sunday, they set off celebrations on Bourbon Street that locals never could have imagined in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.