Josh D. Weiss/US Presswire

HOUSTON — For as long as Cristian Driver has been able to speak, he’s ended each day by saying good night to God. It is in that moment, when his eyes are closed and his hands are folded together, when he’s saying his thank yous and blessings, that the 7-year-old shares some insight into the dreams of his famous father.

“Every night,” his mom Betina said, “in this very sincere little voice, he’ll say, ‘Lord, I hope that you can help my Daddy get to the Super Bowl. I want to see his dream come true.'”

Donald Driver doesn’t want to talk about the past. The story has been told; the videotapes and newspaper clips tossed in the trash long ago. But if you want to know what playing in the Super Bowl means to the longest-tenured Green Bay Packer, if you want to understand why Cristian and his 5-year-old sister Christina ask God to make Dad’s dream come true, the past is where you have to go.

It is there, in Driver’s hometown of Houston, where you will hear the stories about a kid nicknamed Quickie, who spent part of his childhood homeless and sold drugs to help put food on the table. Houston is where you’ll learn about a teenager who one day chose a different path, vowing to his brother that he would “make it.” It’s where you’ll learn about a man who has dedicated the rest of his life being a role model on and off the field.

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