The reemergence of Sarah Palin to the national spotlight has been a bizarre ride at best, this after the former GOP Vice President candidate publicly endorsed businessman Donald Trump. During a Trump stump event in Oklahoma, Palin shifted the blame of her eldest son’s domestic violence woes onto President Barack Obama. The Daily Beast writes: […]

On Wednesday, the Washington Post asked Senator John McCain (R-AZ) how would his former running mate, Sarah Palin (pictured), do if she decides to run…

In a 225-201 vote, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has voted to sue President Barack Obama, giving Americans even more reason to intensify their ever-expanding disapproval of Congress.…

Media pundits paid to say incredibly asinine and ridiculous things about President Barack Obama (pictured) in an effort to patronize a bunch of crazy people…


  via:eurweb A rep for George W. Bush says the former president has declined an invitation from President Barack Obama to attend an observance at New York’s ground zero. Obama plans to visit the site of the destroyed World Trade Center towers Thursday in the aftermath of a Navy SEALs raid that killed Osama bin […]


Get ready to rock the vote! Election day is today and if you live in Puerto Rico, that means a day off work. Also, discover why elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

When it comes to power, cultural impact means as much as money and political influence.

*Glenn Beck, the popular conservative talk show host, turned preacher Saturday, telling a large crowd gathered on the National Mall that in order to restore America’s honor,